Partnership with Neuromotrix

The Club de Boxe de l’Est, the #1 recreational boxing club in Quebec since 2013 proudly announces a new partnership with the experts of Neuromotrix to offer adapted boxing classes to people suffering neurological diseases like Parkinson, multiple sclerosis and cerebrovascular accidents, starting September 2019.

« It is with great pride that the team at Club de Boxe de l’Est partners with the experts of NeuroMotrix to share our passion for boxing and continue to make this beautiful sport available to as many people as possible. Recreational boxing is known for having many physical and mental benefits and helps improve the everyday life of those who practice it » declares Patrick Côté, President of Club de Boxe de l’Est.

The participants of those specific classes can feel those benefits :

“Boxing provides me energy. It is much more than just a training, it’s a sport that brings me mental and physical well being. It helps me see life more positively.» – François Laurin, 62 years old, suffering from the Parkinson disease since 2018 and Neuromotrix group classes participant

« For me boxing and physical activity are essential to my survival. I consider it a medication as important as the others that my doctor prescribes me. » – Serge Guillemette, 60 years old, suffering from the Parkinson disease since 2010 and Neuromotrix group classes participant

About NeuroMotrix

NeuroMotrix is a team of kinesiologists and scientific experts specialized in neurological problems and aging physiology. Specialists to adapt physical activities for different types of diseases, the mission of the Neuomotrix team is to improve the everyday life quality of people with neurological problems.


Catherine Lavigne-Pelletier​, NeuroMotrix, Kinesiologist 514-946-9010
Patrick Côté, President, Club de Boxe de l’Est 514-658-2491

Patrick CôtéPartnership with Neuromotrix