East Boxing Club


Founded in 2005, the East Boxing Club is a non-profit organization for the practice of boxing in all its forms and at various levels. The Club has been ranked #1 since 2013 by the Fédération Québécoise de Boxe Olympique for the Development of the sport and is part of the Top 3 in the Excellence category, which highlights the performance of boxers in competition.

The mission

The East Boxing Club was founded with the desire to get the kids off the streets and help the Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve community through sports. Over the years, the club has acquired an undeniable expertise to enable local youth to access the highest levels of amateur and professional boxing. Through its various initiatives and partnerships, the East Boxing Club has a real and lasting impact on the community.

Community Involvement

Sports-study Program

The sports-study program is in place since 2009. Approved by the FQBO and in partnership with Boxing Canada and the INS, it is managed by high-level certified trainers. Each year, between 15 and 20 athletes train every school day at the Club de Boxe de l’Est and the INS and they can take part of amateur boxing competitions when they achieve the required level. This program has developed Canadian champions.

Partnerships with Local Communities

Over the years, the Club de Boxe de l’Est has partnered with local community services like La Fondation du Dr. Julien in order to allow kids to practice the sport of boxing and help them personally and socially. The Club collaborates regularly with social workers and health specialists to help people with difficulties improve their physical and social conditions with boxing training.

Social Reintegration

Since 2010, the Club welcomes community workers. We believe that by working in a positive environment based on health, discipline and good life habits, we help the candidates as much as they help the Club. If they have the desire to train, they can use our facilities to train once their community hours are completed. To this date, the Club has given a second chance to hundreds of community workers.

East end boxing club coaches